Officers Duties


The Seneschal for the Shire of Vulpine Reach directs the activities of the shire, guiding the officers as they perform their duties, and representing the shire to the kingdom and the public at large.


The Chronicler records the minutes from the business meetings, bring together articles, stories, photos, and other submissions provided by our shire members to create our local newsletter, FoxTales.


The Reeve for the Shire of Vulpine Reach manages the finances of the shire, including preparing budgets, coordinating registration for shire events, and completing paperwork and reports throughout the year.  Please contact the Reeve if you are interested in volunteering for registration duties at events or if you have any questions about our Shire’s financial policies.

Shire Marshal

The Shire Marshal coordinates the armored combat activities of our shire, from overseeing weekly practices and tournaments at events, to training new fighters and preparing them for authorization.

Rapier Marshal

The Rapier Marshal coordinates the rapier combat activities of our shire, from overseeing weekly practices and tournaments at events, to training new fighters and preparing them for authorization.

Rapier combat these days encompasses more than renaissance-style fencing. In the past thirty years it’s been around in the SCA, it’s grown from Olympic fencing in period garb to a more diverse and scholarly martial sport/art which attempts historical accuracy within the confines of safety. Many styles of combat are included within its penumbra: single sword (or sword and open hand), sword and dagger, sword and buckler, sword and cloak, case of swords and case of daggers. Many different types of swords are used within our rules—from rapier to scimitar to two-handed sword to katana.

Rapier combat has also given rise to a new form of combat within the SCA. Cut & Thrust combat may best be explained as the natural union of Rapier Combat & Armored Combat. C&T is a transition between the two forms which emphasizes scholarship of Western Martial Arts coupled with great control. This combat form is not intended for full-contact maneuvering, rather it is somewhat more like two-man kata drills such as you might find in an Eastern Martial Arts dojo. C&T utilizes heavier blades more correct for combat on the battlefield and consequently calls for a bit more protection than does Rapier combat.

Archery Marshal BadgeArchery Marshal BadgeArchery Marshal

The Archery/Live Weapons Marshal is responsible for coordinating archery practices, thrown weapons (axes, knives, and spears) practices, and archery competitions at Shire’s events.

Minister of Arts and Sciences

The Arts and Science Minister serves the shire to bring you many different opportunities to take or teach classes within the Shire. If you are interested in taking classes or teaching classes please contact the Minister of Arts and Sciences.  Classes are typically held on the third Monday of each month.  The Minister of Arts and Sciences can also assist you with either developing a class or connecting you with an individual to help you further your individual interests.

Don’t worry about teaching the perfect class. Everyone knows that we are doing this for fun and the joy of learning and sharing. If you are interested in holding a monthly gathering at your home to further learn and share a common interest (i.e, Scribal, Hand sewing, Weaving, Bardic Arts) please contact the Minister of Arts and Sciences.  The Minister of Arts and Sciences can also assist if you are interested in entering the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tournament (similar to a county fair).

For further research into what is available to you through the SCA in general and the Kingdom of Meridies in particular, we invite you to browse the following links located under the Links page.

Royal University of Meridies Provost

The SCA is fun, no doubt – but it’s also educational! In fact, it is so educational that our kingdom has its own university, through which the kingdom’s populace can get class credits and degrees. The job of the Shire RUM Provost is to help you coordinate your scholastic efforts and make sure you get the credits you’ve earned at classes held at Shire events, meetings, and Kingdom events.

The Royal University of Meridies maintains records of classes taken, however, it is also advisable to keep your own set of records in case the unknown happens.  Assuming you’ve taken the right classes, the RUM Provost can assist with the graduation process and provide advice about the more advanced educational levels!  Just like the SCA itself, education can be a lot of fun, so don’t be afraid to learn. Oh, and the cafeteria is over there behind those trees.


The Herald for our shire assists the populace in being presented in an authentic manner per medieval conventions.  This involves assisting gentles in selecting and registering period names and designing unique and suitable armory to represent themselves.  The Herald also fulfills other duties such as coordinating voice heraldry at our events and heraldic service on the kingdom level.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Herald if you are ready to begin the process of registration or have questions about heraldry and your heraldic properties.


The “Chatelaine” (pronounced “shat-eh-layne”) is responsible to help you get started playing in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Chatelaine can provide some loaner outfits through the Gold Key office for you until you can make your own outfits. The Chatelaine can also direct you to resources for getting started in the Society such as getting your first garb together, help you get connected with individuals in your area(s) of interest, and give you insight on how the SCA works, like “how is it different from a ren faire”.   For the record, there is no such thing as a stupid question. So, feel free to contact the Chatelaine with any questions you may have.


The historian for Vulpine Reach keeps track of news, media articles, and other historical files concerning the shire, and collects an ongoing historical account of our shire’s activities. If you have any important articles of a historical nature, please contact the historian for archival.

Minister of Children

The Minister of Children for Vulpine Reach prepares and present activities for the children and youth of our shire. If you have any ideas for workshops, classes, or other activities for children, please do not hesitate to contact the Minister of Children!

Dance Master
The Dance Master (or Mistress) researches period dance styles or dances that are common to the Society and teaches them to the populace.

Web Minister

The Web Minister’s duty is to ensure that the website for the Shire of Vulpine Reach is up-to-date. The Web Minister also keeps event pages as current as possible especially near an up-coming event.  If you notice any information that needs updating or have questions about our website, please do not hesitate to contact the Web Minister.

Social Media Coordinator

The Social Media coordinator for the Shire of Vulpine Reach will monitor all aspects of Vulpine Reach on Facebook and other Social Media sites and insures it is current and up-to-date as well as watch for any signs of misuse.  If you have questions or comments concerning Vulpine Reach on Social Networks please do not hesitate to contact the Social Media Coordinator.