Shire of Vulpine Reach


The Shire of Vulpine Reach is currently seeking interested individuals with a desire to serve. If you are interested in applying for a vacant office or would like to inquire about a particular office, please contact our Seneschal or Deputy Seneschal. If you are interested in becoming a deputy officer, please contact the relevant officer. You may click on the title or badge for each officer to email that gentle or visit their page.

Administrative Officers

Seneschal Badge
Seneschal – Countess Kissa
Deputy Seneschal: Currently Vacant
The Shire seneschal acts as the chapter president, directing the activities of the Shire and reporting to the kingdom on its behalf.

Chronicler Currently Vacant
Deputy Chronicler: Currently Vacant
The chronicler acts as the Shire’s secretary. The chronicler keeps records of topics discussed at meetings and assists in maintaining shire records and articles, such as our member database as well as published arts and sciences articles. The chronicler also publishes the Shire newsletters.

ReeveReeve – Meister Guntram von Köln
Deputy Reeve: Vacant
The reeve acts as the chapter treasurer, keeping track of the Shire finances and completing the paperwork following shire events. This position is also known as the Exchequer.


Shire Marshal  – The Honorable Lord Gunnar Jørgensen
Knight Marshal BadgeDeputy Knight Marshal: Currently Vacant
The Shire marshal’s responsibility is to oversee the combat activities of the Shire; in particular, our shire marshal coordinates the heavy armored combat activities and practices.

Rapier Marshal  – Lord Stefano Amerigo Roggio
Deputy Rapier Marshal: Currently Vacant
The rapier marshal coordinates the rapier combat activities for the Shire.

Archery Marshal BadgeArchery/Live Weapons Marshal  – The Honorable Laird Davock Walkere
Deputy Archery Marshal: James Toxophilus
The archery and live weapons marshal coordinates all archery and live weapons activities for the shire. This included target archery and combat archery, axe and knife throwing as well as alt-alt.

Arts and Sciences

Minister of Arts & Sciences  – Lady Amaranta Lucia Baldassare
Arts and Sciences BadgeDeputy Minister of Arts and Sciences: Currently Vacant
The minister of arts and sciences plans classes and workshops and helps connect interested students to artisans and teachers.

Royal University Provost  – Lord James Toxophilus
RUM ProvostDeputy Provost: Currently Vacant
The local Royal University of Meridies (RUM) Provost is the liaison between the Shire of Vulpine Reach and the Royal University of Meridies and helps guide the local members to receive the educational credits required for eligibility for the various RUM degrees.

Other Shire Officers

Herald Dis in Rauda
Deputy Herald: Currently Vacant
The herald makes announcements to the populace and assists the populace in designing period names and personal heraldry and coordinates heraldic services for Shire events.

ChatelaineBeatrice of St. Albans
Deputy: Currently Vacant
Gold Key: Beatrice of St. Albans
Demo Coordinator: Lord Stefano Amerigo Roggio
The chatelaine welcomes newcomers to the Shire and helps them connect to the Shire and the Society.

Historian  – Currently Vacant
Deputy Historian: Currently vacant
The historian keeps and maintains the historical archives of the Shire by collecting newspaper articles, photographs, videos, past newsletters, and reports concerning our history.

Minister of Children Currently Vacant
Deputy Minister of Children: Currently Vacant
The minister of children provides activities for the children of the Shire at local meetings and at shire events that both entertain and educate them about the Middle Ages.

Dance Master  – The Honorable Laird Davock Walkere
Deputy Dance Master (or Mistress): Currently Vacant
The Dance Master (or Mistress) researches period dance styles or dances that are common to the Society and teaches them to the populace.

Current Middle Ages Digital Scribes

Web Minister  – vacant
Deputy Web Minister: Rúnfríðr Öpirdottir
The web Minister maintains the Shire’s website and other web properties such as discussion boards, online documents, social networking profiles and social groups when the group does not have a Social Media Coordinator.

Social Media CoordinatorRúnfríðr Öpirdottir
Deputy Social Media Coordinator: vacant
The Social Media Coordinator maintains and monitors all social networks for the Shire of Vulpine Reach.  This includes, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.