Community and Media Relations

Thank you for your interest in SCA Tennessee, Inc. and the Shire of Vulpine Reach.  We are always excited to work with schools, community organizations, media services, and businesses to spread knowledge about the culture, crafts, and activities of the Middle Ages!  Please take a moment to browse our website to learn more about what we do and who we are, and read the following information about the services we provide to the community.  In particular, our Newcomer’s Information page has great resources to introduce you to the activities and culture of the Society.  If you have any questions that are not answered on our website you are welcome to contact our recruitment coordinator also known as our Chatelaine

Media Information

We appreciate our local newspapers, broadcasters, and other media organizations and we are always happy to provide opportunities for your audience to learn more about the Middle Ages.  Representatives for any media organization are welcome to join us at any local meeting or practice.  We do ask that you provide us advance notice (preferably at least 24 hours) and please let us know if photographs, video, or audio will be recorded so we can provide the most compelling sights and sounds for your audience.  You can contact our president also known as our Seneschal to schedule your visit.

We also invite members of the media to be our guest at any event hosted by our group.  Because the Society has guidelines that govern media participation at events, we ask for at least three days advance notice so we can familiarize your representatives with these guidelines and ensure the best experience for you as our guest.

Before your visit, please take a moment to download our helpful media information sheet which will provide some background and print-friendly descriptions of the activities we do.

Demonstrations for Schools and Organizations

Schools: The Shire of Vulpine Reach can provide demonstrations of medieval life and activities to school groups of any size.  We ask that teachers and administrators interested in holding a school demonstration provide the following information when inquiring about a demo:

  • Total number of students (and are they divided into any groups, i.e. six groups of 30 students by grade)
  • Curriculum this demonstration might reflect (such as life in the Renaissance, exploration and colonization, specific literature like Beowulf or Canterbury Tales)
  • Is re-enactment martial activity approved by school administration for the demo (our sword fighting demonstrations are done in a controlled, safety-cordoned setting with trained, authorized individuals, and our weapons are replica equipment made from safety-covered rattan or non-sharpened steel, no students will be involved in any reenactment combat scenarios)

If you are interested in requesting demonstrations for school groups, please contact Seneschal.

Community Organizations and Businesses: We have a strong history of working with other local organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Blood Assurance, and more. If you would like Vulpine Reach to provide a demonstration for your organization, please view the information for schools above and contact us to discuss your demonstration. If you would like to partner with Vulpine Reach for a special event, charity fundraiser, or other community activity, please contact Seneschal.

Events for Private Groups and Individuals: The mission of Vulpine Reach lends itself toward public community outreach and education. We are glad to work with anyone in the community to further that mission. While we cannot honor all requests for participation, we are certainly willing to consider any inquiries for the cultural and educational services that Vulpine Reach can provide. Please contact Seneschal to discuss your event.

Please note: for maximum participation at any demonstration, we need to receive your inquiry six to eight weeks prior to your proposed date. Shorter notice requests will be considered as our members are available to participate.