Resources, Forms, and Documents

Below is a list of online resources that will benefit both our Shire members and our visitors.  If you know of a resource that you believe should be added then please contact the Web Minister

SCA Forms and Documents:

Child Waivers
Individual Child Waiver PDF Format
Family Waiver for Multiple Children PDF Format
Minor’s Medical Waiver PDF Format
Minor Combat Waiver PDF Format

Event Preparation Resources
Any individual interested in submitting a bid for a Vulpine Reach event is required to submit an event bid form. Prospective autocrats and feastcrats have separate forms; if a prospective autocrat already has a feastcrat selected, please submit both forms at the same time. The event proposal does not have to be pre-approved by the Event Planning Team but please check with them to verify if your proposed event has been scheduled and submitted to the kingdom.
Event Bid Form Part 1 – Event Steward (Steward Bid Event Part 1)
Event Bid Form Part 2 (Steward Bid Event Part 2)
Event Bid Form – Feast Steward (Feast Steward Bid)
Budget Planning Worksheet – Budget Planning Worksheet
Event Staffing Worksheet – Event Staffing Worksheet

Marshal Activity Links

Resources for Rapier Combat

A rapier competition featuring many different styles: Highland Foorde Baronial Championship 2010 Rapier
Vulpine Reach Mountain Militia Rapier Facebook Page

SCA Sites:

The Shire of Vulpine Reach
Vulpine Reach Medieval Re-enactment Facebook Group
VR YahooGroups Mailing List
VR Warriors (Shire Armored Combat Message Board)
Shire of Vulpine Reach History Facebook Page

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
SCA, Inc Website
Membership Information
SCA on Facebook
SCA on Twitter

The Kingdom of Meridies
Kingdom of Meridies Website
Kingdom Events Calendar
Kingdom of Meridies Online Award Recommendation Form
Map of Meridies
Tavern Yard (Kingdom Message Board)

Arts and Sciences References:
Grand Chefs of Meridies
Guilds of Meridies
Society A&S Resources
Kingdom of Meridies Arts and Science (Kingdom of Meridies Arts and Sciences Page)
Kingdom of Meridies Arts and Sciences Web Site (Kingdom of Meridies Arts and Sciences Officer’s Page)

Royal University of Meridies Links:
Royal University of Meridies Website
RUM Transcript Request Form
RUM Degree Programs
RUM Scholars Degree Check List
RUM Transcript Reconciliation Form

Populace or Household Sites
Proud Southern Warrior PDF
Proud Southern Warrior WAV
Dreaming of Florence – Francesca Tessa d’Angelo’s project blog
Dureresque – Juliana de Florey’s project blog
Guntram’s Blog – Guntram von Köln’s travel blog
Atlantia Arts & Sciences – over 8000 links to all things A&S

Other Interests:

SCAdians – a documentary about the SCA featuring armored combat
(with interviews of Vulpine Reach members) Demo on Signal Mountain

Shared Research Papers or Class Notes
Period Pavilions Part 1 PDF
Period Pavilions Part 1 Power Point

How-to Videos
Sending an Award Recommendation (by Lord Guntram)
Filing a Court Report (by Lord Guntram)