Events and Activities

Shire of Vulpine Reach

Events, Meetings, and Practices

There are many opportunities to get involved with the Shire of Vulpine Reach throughout the year. We host several local and regional events as well as meetings and practices, local gatherings, workshops, and various other activities. Below is a list of what our Shire currently has to offer.

Looking for an event?

We have plenty. You can find a list of our events below:

Glad Tydings/Tewlfth Night: Glad Tydings is our Twelfth Night gathering usually held in January. It’s a casual day of classes pertaining to life prior to 17th Century Europe with some revelry in the evening. While the event serves as an opportunity for our shire to get together and celebrate, we welcome our neighbors and friends to join us in the fun. For more recent and up to date information concerning Glad Tydings/Twelfth Night please visit our website locate in the Twelfth Night Tab or click here: Twelfth Night

Silver Star: Silver Star was typically a fighting event usually held in the spring. Silver Star began as an all Rapier event but has branched out to include other areas of interest as well. The last few years we have not held a spring event, but we hope to once again hold spring events in the coming years. For more recent and up to date information concerning our Spring Events please visit our website locate in the Spring Event Tab or click here: Spring Events

Tourney of the Foxes: Tourney of the Foxes is our premiere melee combat tournament featuring teams of fighters on both the armored and rapier combat fields, archery challenges, and arts and sciences activities. For more recent and up to date information concerning Tourney of the Foxes please visit our website locate in the Tourney of the Foxes Tab or click here: Tourney of the Foxes

Shire Anniversary: Our Shire Anniversary takes place in early October as a celebration of the founding of our shire on October 8, 1978. Traditionally, the Shire Anniversary is a picnic style gathering. For more recent and up to date information concerning Shire Anniversary please visit our calendar locate in the Shire Calendar Tab or click here: Shire Anniversary

Looking to meet us?

We have regular meetings. Below is a list of our meeting with information concerning each:

Meetings: Our Shire normally has meetings every Monday night at (location pending). The business meeting is the first Monday of every month and our arts and sciences meeting is the third Monday of every month. The other Mondays are dedicated to friendly fellowship and what ever else we creatively decided to bring together. We encourage everyone to come in garb (but don’t worry if you can’t).

Business Meetings: Business meetings are the first Monday of each month. We typically discuss business related issues concerning the Shire such as: upcoming events, activities,demos, fighting, rapier, or archery practices, reports from each of the officers, or any other concern that might effect the Shire. We encourage all individuals to participate and offer your services to the shire. It is through service that we build a strong community and stronger shire.

Dance Classes: Dance classes have often been held the second Monday of some months provided that we have enough people interested in learning new dances. Learning new dances can help with the enjoyment and experience of events held throughout the Kingdom.

Arts and Sciences Meeting: Arts and Sciences Meeting is the third Monday of each month. This is one of the more fun and exciting meetings. This is the time when we, as a Shire, can share our knowledge about history, art, or any other research topic relating to pre-17th-century European medieval and Renaissance history or our modern re-created society. Often times our classes will focus on topics such as fabric arts, performing arts, heraldry, combat, and so forth.

Do you seek to sharpen your skills in combat?

We have weekly practices for just such individuals. Below is a list of our practices:

Practices: We currently provide three main types of combat practices. Each type of combat practice has its own set of unique charms and challenges. Each of the marshals information can be found under “Officers”. Newcomers and visitors from other groups are encouraged to join us when possible. Non-combatants are also encouraged to come out to show support for the fighters and enjoy spending time with one another. Below is a list of our practices:

Adult Combat Fighter Practice: (Also known as Armored Combat or Heavy Combat) Armored combat is geared for those with a warrior’s spirit that dates to the very early parts of the historical time period we study. These warriors clad themselves in armor of leather, chain mail, or metal, arm themselves with specially made swords, gather their shields, and fight for honor. If you desire to become the next great Arthur, Beowulf, or Joan of Arc then seek out our Knight Marshal. He/She will be more than happy to help you on your way to glory.

Rapier Combat Fighter Practice: (Also known as fencing) Rapier combat is geared more for those gentles that desire a later period fighting style. Rapier masks are donned, rapier swords are leveled, and shields from a variety of common objects such as cups to pot lids are gathered to test their skills against their combatant. If you desire to be the next elite Musketeer or great Cappaferro then seek out our Rapier Marshal. He/She will be more than happy to help you learn the skills required to become a revered master of rapier.

Youth Combat Fighter Practice: Youth combat fighter practice is currently limited to rapier style. However, if a member of the youth populace shows interest in Armored fighting, they are more than welcome to come, ask questions and begin learning about the fighting style though observation. Youth combat fighters can begin their training in rapier then move to the armored fighting style once they come of age. Please Note: Kingdom law requires that a parent or legal guardian must be present for all minors participating in youth combat.

Archery Practice: Archery practice (both combat and target archery and thrown weapons) is for those individuals that fancy the sophistication and beauty of an arrow in flight. Individuals interested in target archery are armed with wooden bows (typically recurves or long bows) and wooden arrows and have the sight of a hawk. Their arrows soar through the sky aiming for targets set at various distances. Individuals interested in combat archery serve The Royals well on the field. For it is far better to reduce the numbers of the enemy horde than to surrender your honor and King to the defiant victor. Armed with similar bows as the target archer, and specially made arrows they train their eyes on the enemy and strike from afar. Whether you aim to become the next Artemis (Diana), or join Robin Hood and his merry men, or a member of The Huns then seek out our Archery Marshal. He/She will be more than happy to instruct you in the fine arts of “aim, seek and destroy”.

Vulpine Reach also hosts opportunities for participation in equestrian activities. If you are interested in other activities, please contact the relevant officer in charge of the activity or the Seneschal for more information.

In the links section, you can find and join discussion groups related to any of these activities.

Note: In case of inclement weather or upcoming holiday, please check the Facebook group or contact the relevant marshal to ensure that practice will still be held.