History and Archives

Media Articles

  • WUTC – October 1, 2010 – Interview with Leonor and Magnus before the Anniversary Party.
  • WUTC – August 18, 2011 – Interview with Guntram and Tobias before Tourney of the Foxes.
  • WUTC – September 6, 2012 – Audio highlights from Tourney of the Foxes, featuring Faelan and Tobias from Vulpine Reach and guests Elisabeth, Osric, and Tindr.
  • Chattanooga Free Press – Chattanooga Free Press – Article in the Chattanooga Free Press dated 3-07-1984.
  • Galaxy – Boar Hunt – Article in the Galaxy on Boar Hunt dated 03-24-1984.

Historical Archives

Following are files from our historical archives, including newspaper articles, photos of awards, and videos. Many articles include commentary from our own Baron Richard Fenwick.  For more recent additions to the Shire history please visit our Facebook page at: Shire of Vulpine Reach History Facebook Page

2000 – 2010

  • 2000 – Fenwick inducted into the Order of the Bough in August at Tourney of the Foxes.

1990 – 1999

  • 1999 – Crown’s Favor
    • Presented by TRM Richard & Katrina. As heir, Richard had presided over Rapier Academy earlier that year, the one held in Georgia at the Seventh Day Adventist camp.  Crown’s Favor was award for our Red Fox Dance Band that played many of the dance music for events.
  • 1996 – An award from Kappa Delta Pi
    • This was given for a demo we did.
  • 1995 – Boy Scouts Plaque
  • Presented to the Shire in appreciation for a demo done for the Ft. Oglethorpe district’s Twilight Camp (sort of a day camp in the evening).
  • 1990 – Demo on Signal Mountain
  • A news story on WDEF Channel 12 about a demo and mini-event we did at Walden Ridge on Signal Mountain. Featured gentles include Baron Richard Fenwick and THL Davock Walkere.

1980 – 1989

    • 1989 – Eastgate Mall Demo Article and Video
    • This is a bit of pre-publicity for a demo we hend at Eastgate Mall (when it was still a mall). It was a three-day demo! Everyone worked hard and had a lot of fun. Pictured are Wynalie mareschall, Richard Conner Mac Vie, Genevieve McCullum de Caen, Llywellyn ap Alawn, and Genevieve’s daughter (whose name is presently forgotten). The video also features Baron Fenwick and Mistress Eleanor of Ashley.
    • 1988 – Ross’s Landing Demo Article and Video
    • This is from a big demo we held at Ross’s Landing. In the top photo are Fenwick, Tarn Southart, someone with a very familiar device, and a fellow named Patrick
    • 1980s – Thrasher Elementary Demo
    • Newspaper clipping of a demo done at Thrasher Pike Elementary School.
    • 1987 – Duel
    • This is another one of those times when a news photographer just happens by, snaps a few pics, and takes some notes, and it ends up in the paper as filler was needed.
    • 1987 – An Dun Theine Demo
    • This is from a Huntsville paper. A few of us (Forddwydd, Fenwick, and some others) went there to help out one of An Dun Theine’s first big demos. They were still so new they hadn’t figured out how to pronounce their name.
    • 1986 – Food Demo
    • From an article from the Chattanooga Times, we did a “food demo” for the paper. Everyone was to prepare one period dish for a feast staged for the benefit of the food editor. Feast1 leads off the article, continued in Feast 2, and recipes are in Feast3.
    • 1985 – Early Boar Hunt
    • This comes from a Tri-Cities newspaper regarding an early Boar Hunt. It’s part of our history files because it features in the pictures some folks from our shire. On the first picture, I believe the man in the middle is Finlach Gwaiden. It’s at least someone wearing some armor that he used to own. In the second picture are Owen Arbalista and Cailen mich Alasdair. There are a couple of spelling errors in the captions. In the first, the knight is a “boar” (not a “board”) and in the second, the man identified as Dieter van Doom is actually named Pieter.
    • 1985 – Fighter Practice
    • A photographer saw Lds. Forddwydd and Mwydd fighting at the marina at the dam.
    • 1984 – Bright School Demo
    • Publicity garnered from a demo at the Bright School. Note the misspellings in several names: Owen’s name is Arbalista, Lijsbeth’s name is all screwed up, and the other fighter’s full name, if I remember right, was Kristoffer de la Roch.
    • Bright School Demo
    • 1982 – Weekend with Marcia Kling
    • An interview and fighting demonstration featuring Baron Fenwick and Mistress Ljsbeth on WTVC Channel 9’s “Weekend.”
    • 1982 – Coronation of Count Cedric
    • This file pertains not to the Shire’s history specifically but to an event of relevance to our shire and our kingdom as well. It is a newspaper account of the Coronation of our own (now) Count Cedric.
    • 1981 – Wedding in Harrison Bay Article and Video
    • Taken from an event sponsored by Thor’s Mountain to celebrate the wedding of two of their members, Kelvin McGowen called Mouse and Eithne.

    1970 – 1979

    • 1978 – An Early Newspaper Article
    • This is a photo of the founding members: Ursay Moriak, Owen Arbalista, Richard Fenwick, Ljsbeth Tijsz van Brugge, and James Baldwin. The photo, as I recall, was taken sometime during the summer and wasn’t published until September. Just 3 weeks later, the incipient Shire of Vulpine Reach became an official branch of the SCA when Master Cathal (Society Steward at the time) made the announcement at Silver Hammer on Sunday, October 8, 1978.
    • 1977 – Serpent’s Crooke
    • Before “Vulpine Reach,” we originally went with “Serpent’s Crooke.” The change took place over the next year, as displayed in the above article.
    • 1976 – Contemporary Differences Article
    • One of the first references to the start of the Society in Chattanooga.